DocumentWindows w/o Titlebar?

how can I get rid of the Titlebar of my DocumentWindow hosting a TabbedComponent?
How do I forward mouse window drag actions to another component i.e. unused or any parts of the TabbedButtonBar instead?

I guess you could just use a ResizableWindow as your base class, and use hit-testing to allow any unwanted mouse-events through.

Using a ResizableWindow removes the TitleBar as wanted.
But window drag actions don’t seem to be handled by any sub component by simply returning false on hitTest(…) in my new ResizableWindow.

I think the resizablewindow will do a drag if it gets the mouse event, but you’ve got to make sure all the components in the hierarchy let the event pass through.

Or you can just use your own ComponentDragger object to do the drag. That’s all that the resizablewindow does internally.