Does anybody have need for a SecureStreamingSocket?

Does anybody have need for a SecureStreamingSocket? A version of StreamingSocket that supports SSL?

I’m updating my Smugmug uploader app to work with their latest API. I need to manually do my HTTP POST requests so I can get progress and stream my data instead of providing it all at once (for uploading large videos, etc).

For that I’m working on a custom HTTP class, and that requires a SecureStreamingSocket so I can connect to https. I also need oauth1.0a.

Would anybody else have use for these classes? If so, I’ll flesh them out a bit more and add them to my Gin (my juce module)

Are you using openssl or mbedtls? It should be fairly easy (or at least doable) to add mbed as a source-only JUCE module - avoiding the cross compile dependency hazzle.

mbed TLS. Yes, it was pretty easy to get it working by #including the .c files into a juce module. I’ve only built in on macOS so far, but it should just work on every platform.

I’ve only implemented HTTP GET so far, but that was pretty easy. Will to POST next.

There really isn’t any way to enhance what’s already in JUCE so it does what you need? My gut tells me it may be a better idea to use OS stuff instead of home growing.

I need POST with progress / streaming. I don’t see any way to do that with JUCE. I could probably do it with the OS libraries, but that means rewriting it 3 times.

I also see the need for a Websockets down the line, and I don’t see anyway to do that cross platform without doing the HTTP myself.

What about boost::beast - as scary as boost might look, it can be included in a JUCE project header-only with the addition of a few cpp files. beast was written by @TheVinn - a fellow JUCEr.

EDIT.: not sure if it suits your needs.
EDIT 2.: this would bring in OpenSSL as a dependency - I wish they’d support mbed as well.