Does MemoryBlock clear memory automatically somewhere?

It feels like a silly question, so I do apologise if I’ve been getting far too much Sun lately, and it’s boiled my brains… :sweat_smile:
I just spotted this:-

MemoryBlock::~MemoryBlock() noexcept

Which doesn’t call ‘reset()’ at all, so why haven’t I been getting Memory Leak errors on shutdown?
Dave H.

It owns a HeapBlock as member, so when the member stack is unrolled, it triggers a free:

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Excellent, thanks for the detailed reply. That’s great news.

Hmm, putting breakpoint on that free tells me it gets called all the time from ‘internalProcessReplacing’ in the VST wrapper although it always seems to be null,

Also in ‘getCurrentDisplayFromScaleFactor’ which is always valid data which I think is part of an Array display list.