Double-click for slider label

I seem to remember that in earlier versions it was possible to choose for a slider label (the “Valuebox”) whether it should be editable when single- or when double-clicking. Anyhow, in the current version the line valueBox->setEditable (editableText && isEnabled()) in Slider::lookAndFeelChanged() makes editOnSingleClick the only possible option, as far as I can see… can’t we just remove that line and leave it to the individual programmer whether he wants editOnSingleClick or editOnDoubleClick?

Well… removing that line would break it when the l+f supplies a custom label… How about:

if (valueBox->isEditable() != editableText) valueBox->setEditable (editableText && isEnabled());


Well, I DO supply a custom l&f label as it is the only way to make the slider text box double-click-editable-only (please correct me if I’m wrong). In l&f I call setEditable(false,true) which is always overwritten by said line above…

For people who are using setTextBoxIsEditable(), a look and feel change would override their setting without that line - I can’t remove it. But my suggestion would work for you, wouldn’t it?

Ah, now I get you. Yes, it works… thanks.