Download using url questions

Hi, jules
How are you?
I meet an issue when download files through GET method.
The file size is 589322(Bytes), however, I can download only 567680(Bytes).
After that, there still 21642 Bytes.
I debugged it , and when it downloads 567680(Bytes), the inputStream. isExhausted() is true.
I use juce_1.46 and url class for this .
I tied many times, inputStream.isExhausted() becomes true earlier than it should be.

Any Ideas?

If you can show the same problem in 1.50 I’ll take a look, but obviously can’t spend time looking into things that were probably fixed many months ago.

Hi, jules
Thanks for reply.
I just tried 1_50, and it has the same issue as 1_46.
I am not sure if it is my fault or bug in juce.
I paste some my code here:

juce::InputStream* input;
juce::FileOutputStream* pStream;

const juce::File audioFile(filePath);


input = myUrl->createInputStream(false);

while (!input->isExhausted()){
pStream->writeFromInputStream(*input, 240000);

I also checked the difference between juce_46 and juce_50.
The major change for the classes used here is this function.
juce_readFromInternetFile , which is in

class WebInputStream : public InputStream

int read (void* dest, int bytes)
if (finished || isError())
return 0;
const int bytesRead = juce_readFromInternetFile (handle, dest, bytes);
position += bytesRead;

        if (bytesRead == 0)
            finished = true;

        return bytesRead;

in juce_50 and juce_46, the implementing of juce_readFromInternetFile() changed a lot. I also see the fileOutputStream change between these two version, and they are almost the same.

another change is in side juce_URL.cpp. But I do not think it is some to do with this issue.
Any ideas?


Is this the appropriate approach to read from a URL? Feels like there should be a shortcut. For example, isn’t the input stream being buffered somewhere?

Silly question, but I presume you’re actually flushing and deleting your output file stream after you’ve finished the copy? Otherwise, you could obviously leave the end of the file not written to disk…

Hi, jules
I did not flush the fileOutputStream. After I flush the fileOutputStream in each iteration, it works right now.