DragAndDropTarget on other windows


So, I need to drag an element from a listbox positioned in a window to another window.
The second window inherits from DragAndDropTarget, but doesn’t receive the element.
Any tips?


It does work - have a look at the toolbar customisation in the juce demo, which lets you drag components to another window.

Did you make sure both your windows have a DragAndDropContainer at their top level?


Thank you, that solved the problem.


Rectification: with DragAndDropContainer it works on winXp.
On WinSeven and Ubuntu 8.10 the same code doesn’t work.
Not tried on MacOs yet.
Today I’ll try to investigate more on the problem.


I managed to make it work on win7.
Linux support is lacking, though.


Follow this here why it doesn’t work correctly as it should:


and here:



Thank you.
As always =)