Dragging File Promises on OSX supported?


I have a plug-in which allows to drag samples into the plugin. A user requested “Dragging File Promises” to extend drag and drop support in some hosts. I don’t know much about that topic. Here is apple’s description:


Is this something that is supported by JUCE?


Yes this is supported by JUCE.


Hi Fabian, thanks for the info. What do i need to do to consume those drag and drop events. Is there something like FileDragAndDropTarget? i have no idea how this works… or should it work out of the box?


Yes, you would just use a FileDragAndDropTarget and override the filesDropped method. This will give you a list of paths to the files that were dropped on your component.


Thanks for the information. So you handle the promise drag and drop directly in the FileDragAndDropTarget. I will have a closer look at it.


Yes that’s it.