Dragging File Promises on OSX supported?

I have a plug-in which allows to drag samples into the plugin. A user requested “Dragging File Promises” to extend drag and drop support in some hosts. I don’t know much about that topic. Here is apple’s description:


Is this something that is supported by JUCE?

Yes this is supported by JUCE.

Hi Fabian, thanks for the info. What do i need to do to consume those drag and drop events. Is there something like FileDragAndDropTarget? i have no idea how this works… or should it work out of the box?

Yes, you would just use a FileDragAndDropTarget and override the filesDropped method. This will give you a list of paths to the files that were dropped on your component.

Thanks for the information. So you handle the promise drag and drop directly in the FileDragAndDropTarget. I will have a closer look at it.

Yes that’s it.

Hi Fabian, we wanted to support D’n’D from Reaper’s Arranger view, that uses the promise files mechanism on macOS.

Beside JUCE 5.2.0 we have checked it with the current state on the dev branch but it doesn’t work either.

Are there plans to support that somehow?

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