Drag'n'Drop from other apps into my JUCE app

Is it possible to add some functionality that enables drag’n’drop (of images) from Internet Explorer or another app into my JUCE app? I’m sure this is not a straightforward task, especially because it’s OS-dependant. What ways could I use to achieve that?

If they’re files you just need to use the FileDragAndDropTarget class.

The FileDragAndDropTarget class was the first thing I tried to use. Didn’t work. Basically what I want to do is the following:
I’m making a song manager. My song manager shows audio files together with their album artwork, and the user should be able to drag’n’drop images out of his Internet browser into my song manager. So when he drag’n’drops an image, this image is automatically attributed to a given audio file.

In Windows at least, the content of the clipboard will be a bitmap image in this case. It then should be possible to create a ImageDropTarget to handle this.

Something I find INCREDIBLY fracking ANNOYING when I drag a JPG out of Firefox and onto my desktop! Its a BMP instead of JPG!! ARGH!!