Drawable::createCopy issue

Hi Jules,


If I create a drawable from this SVG, it display fine

but if I display the one given by createCopy on this same drawable, it is truncated, so it looks like createCopy forget some stuff.


Can you guys have a look ?


Thanks !



Seems fine to me.. Are you sure you're not doing something else to corrupt it?

I doubt as I have only seen recently when tryin do generate a cache for SVG where I store the drawable

and use a createCopy to get a new version.


FWIW if I changed line 481 of GraphicDemo.cpp from the Juce demo to 

 svgDrawable = dynamic_cast<DrawableComposite*> (Drawable::createFromImageDataStream(*svgFileStream)->createCopy());


(yes, I know it leaks, just a Q&D test)

The render is stuck forever when trying to move to SVG rendering.


I just tried making that change and everything works perfectly... (?)