DrawableButton and Borders?

It seems, the DrawableButton always puts borders around the image? Or am I doing something wrong?

My code looks something like:

myDrawableButton.setImages(&normal, &highlighted);

Later on I use the normal setBounds function:

myDrawableButton.setBounds(startX, startY, buttonWidth, buttonHeight);

But there still is an inner border, as you can see from the attached screenshot. The border is in red around the image. How can I remove the border and let the image fill the whole button?

Totally unrelated, but I'm really looking that color "theme". It reminds me a lot of the Material Design themes for text editors, but perhaps a bit darker. Perhaps I'm just seeing that because I've been becoming way too intimate with the Material Design color palette while creating a Material theme for Visual Studio 


I'm not sure why the image wouldn't fill the button. Is it supposed to stretch the image if it's smaller than the button when that button style flag is set? 

Pro tip: debug the paint call and see where the border gets drawn!

Having a quick look, I actually can't see any code in drawDrawableButton() which draws a border, so you must be doing something else that you didn't mention here?

(Or another suggestion: wherever it is that you set the outline colour to red, just set it to be transparent!)

@Jordan Glad your liking the theme. I got this guy to design the GUI: https://dribbble.com/srioz I like his style :-)

About the DrawableButton: I am thinking that maybe it is not the button itself, but the Drawable, which is inside it? Which would be strange though, because there is no border around the icon in the SVG file, which was used as the base.

@Jules I guess I am going to do some debugging then :-)