DrawableButton' question

hi,guys,I want show a string above DrawableButton------centred,or make it inside DrawableButton.
how to ?help!thanx!I changed sourcecode,but show back,not front?

I appreciate that you’re trying to save me storage costs on my webserver by avoiding spaces after your punctuation, but honestly, it’s ok, feel free to use that spacebar as much as you like… :wink:

If you want something in front of another component, then it needs to be a component, e.g. create a Label and put it wherever you need it?

thank you, jules. I will change my Writing format. waste your time,
But for DrawButton, it is in itself a component. in your design,“ImageAboveTextLabel” 'style show a distance for setPath() that display a region .
I want to change the distance for them,maybe I’m still not describe clearly.however you can help me for thinking.

enum ButtonStyle
ImageFitted, /< The button will just display the images, but will resize and centre them to fit inside it. */
ImageRaw, /
< The button will just display the images in their normal size and position.
This leaves it up to the caller to make sure the images are the correct size and position for the button. */
ImageAboveTextLabel, /< Draws the button as a text label across the bottom with the image resized and scaled to fit above it. */
ImageOnButtonBackground /
< Draws the button as a standard rounded-rectangle button with the image on top. */

Well yes, the button can display the text too, but if you want to change its appearance or position, you’d need to write a custom LookAndFeel to draw it differently.

thanx, I’m silly.