DrawableButton repaint issues on last two updates? Familiar?

I don't see anyone reporting these so I suspect it's something to do with my codebase, but a lot of debugging seems to reveal nothing wrong.

Around the previous Juce module update, I started to notice some issues with just two of my DrawableButtons not updating correctly.  This update, the issue seems to have spread to all my command buttons - and I made no changes to the button code at all.

They're all command buttons,  i.e. buttons attached to a CommandID - all my other buttons are fine.  The issue is simple - I apparently update the buttons' state, and I see getCommandInfo being called and the correct ticked state being set.

But the buttons' images don't update.  I can make them update, however, by either clicking on the buttons or (more interestingly) clicking on the panel containing those buttons.

I've tried calling "repaint" on the top-level component, and that does nothing.  I'm really loathe to explicitly update those buttons from the place that changes their state, because the code is loosely coupled and there's no direct communication between the data setting and the GUI area.

What's particularly interesting is that not all buttons are affected.  In one case, only the leftmost button in set of three has this issue and the code creating them is absolutely identical (because I'm now creating my buttons from data, and their data records are completely identical except for the text and the command they execute).

I'm going to look into this more - it should be easier now it's happening everywhere - but I wanted to put this out there in case anyone else had seen this issue, or in case Jules could clue me in as to what might have happened in the last few releases to DrawableButtons.


Hmm.. Nothing springs to mind. If you have a code snippet I could use to reproduce it, I'll take a look?

It seems as if I was calling   menuItemsChanged(); but not commandStatusChanged(); - since I wrote this program!

I had some earlier versions to play around with.  It seems as if everything got updated "several months ago" - then in 2.1.3 two buttons didn't get updated - but now many buttons didn't get updated.


Which leads to my next question (starting a new thread)...