Drawfittedtext not part of Combobox lookandfeel

Hello Community,

I realized that drawing the text in this component is not part of its lookandfeel method, the paint method looks like this:

void ComboBox::paint (Graphics& g)
    getLookAndFeel().drawComboBox (g, getWidth(), getHeight(), isButtonDown,
                                   label->getRight(), 0, getWidth() - label->getRight(), getHeight(),

    if (textWhenNothingSelected.isNotEmpty()
         && label->getText().isEmpty()
         && ! label->isBeingEdited())
        g.setColour (findColour (textColourId).withMultipliedAlpha (0.5f));
        g.setFont (label->getFont());
        g.drawFittedText (textWhenNothingSelected, label->getBounds().reduced (2, 1),
                          jmax (1, (int) (label->getHeight() / label->getFont().getHeight())));

the second block of code finds itself outside of the drawcombobox(this is not the case for other components, e.g. button). Does this mean, I cannot use my own methods in a custom lookandmethod to draw the text?