Drawing image on back of opengl context

Hi folks

I'm trying to draw a single background image behind some 3d stuff in an opengl context. I started off with a similar function to what's in the Juce Demo (drawBackground2DStuff) that gets called before I draw any 3d stuff. So that basically creates a LowLevelGraphicsContext, attaches a Graphics object to it, then I fill that with an image using drawImageWithin(). Unfortunately doing this causes my frame rate to crawl and CPU to max out both on desktop and iOS.

Can anyone recommend a better way to draw an image within an opengl context, because this is way too slow. I've found a few old posts that sort of touch on this, but none seems to answer this directly.


Certainly the fastest way would just be to use GL to do it - load a texture, and draw it!

Ok, then that's what I'll do. I was just hoping for a shortcut :). Back to shader land for me ...