drawText/drawFittedText that supports fallback font

Hi Jules,


Would it be possible to add an equivalent of drawFittedText or drawText with the same parameters which uses internally

TextLayout which would basically do this ?

juce::TextLayout textLayout;
juce::AttributedString str(text);
textLayout.createLayout(str, width);
textLayout.draw(g, juce::Rectangle<int>(x, y, width, height).toFloat());

It helps supporting non latin text display.

If you want a faster version, you can cache the TextLayout in your code but it's not always mandatory so it a useful addition to simplify some code.




I can't really see a good argument for adding something like that to the Graphics class.. It'd work equally well as a free function that you can write yourself, and which you can tailor to do exactly as much as you need.

ok, no pb.

As long as you add the height argument in createLayout, I'm fine :)


Thanks !