dsp::AudioBlock::copyFrom with SIMD types

dsp::AudioBlock is really great since nearly everything I want to do with it works the same for SIMD data types as it does for scalar types. One notable exception is the copyFrom() function. Quite often, I run into a situation like this:

template <typename SampleType>
class MyProcessor
    template <typename ProcessContext, Type type>
    void process (const ProcessContext& context) noexcept
        const auto& inputBlock = context.getInputBlock();
        auto& outputBlock = context.getOutputBlock();

        if (context.isBypassed)
            outputBlock.copyFrom (inputBlock);

Then, if I try to use an instance of MyProcessor<dsp::SIMDRegister<float>>, I end up with an error like this:

JUCE\modules\juce_dsp\containers/juce_AudioBlock.h(592,1) error C2440: 'reinterpret_cast': cannot convert from 'SampleType *' to 'float *'
               SampleType=const juce::dsp::SIMDRegister<float>

For now I’ve implemented my own copy operation as a work-around, but it would really nice if copyFrom() just worked out-of-the-box.