DSP Ladder Filter no sound using synth

I try to build my first plugin in JUCE and I wanna apply a Ladder Filter to my Synthesiser that play wave files and for some unknown reason at the moment I cant find why I cant get any sound when I use;
not sure how to debug this… A bit of help would be much appreciated.

btw, the synth part is working fine and the IIR Filter also working but i want to replace it by the Ladder one. Also if possible to remove the ProcessorChain and use the dsp::LadderFilter method instead. juce::dsp::ProcessorChain<dsp::LadderFilter, dsp::Gain> processorChain;
I use the DSPModulePluginDemo as reference but in the demo they only use the Ladder with ProcessorChain and with all these filters in this demo the code is hard to understand. i can post my code if i need too.


NVM! i found the issue… 12 hours later but its working!!