Dynamic Number of Parameters

Is there anyway to have a dynamic number of parameters for a VST plugin? I was think about making a modification to a plug-in I’m working on where the number of filters could be selectable (and users could pass their own impulse responses to create them). Each filter has a an adjustable delay associated with it. I suppose I could just declare a bunch of extra of parameters in the Parameters enum and they would go into use once the extra filters have been added which would be pseudodynamic as there would be an upper limit on the number of filter which could be added.

Do you mind on elaborating how? There’s a lot of material to go through there.

As far as I’m aware, the simple answer is no. If you do decide to create a max number of params, and only use some, be aware that a lot of plugin hosts will show all your parameters which looks kind of messy. I thought that VST 3 would have made dynamic parameters a possibility, but no.