Encountering errors with Oboe and JUCE


I’m new to android development and have been attempting to use Oboe with JUCE for better audio performance. I have enabled Oboe in the Projucer and set the Oboe directory.

My app builds successfully in Android Studio, although when I attempt to run the app on either my android device or an emulator, I encounter the numerous error messages shown in the image below.

I’m basically at an impasse with this. Does anyone know what could be the cause of this problem?


Hi @Tobastian, oboe support is not yet recommended as the oboe repo is not stable yet: the oboe API is still changing and the current version of JUCE may not work with the newest version of Oboe.

However, I’ve just pushed commit d77f56b to develop which makes JUCE work with the newest version of oboe. Please pull from develop and try again.

In any case, I would not recommend Oboe in production code just yet. Even when Oboe uses AAudio (>= Android 8.1) it will not have better performance than OpenSL. It’s only once phones start supporting exclusive mode in AAudio that AAudio (and then also Oboe) will maybe be slightly faster than OpenSL. Exclusive mode is likely to only work on the newest Pixel devices and will require Android P - which hasn’t been publically released yet.

Hi Fabian, thanks for the informative response. The commit has fixed the issues and the app is performing as expected.

Interesting to know! In that case I’ll hold off using it in production code until the technology is more prominent.