Error when running the starter gui app in codeblocks

im a newbie in JUCE.

so first when i created a new project for GUI application in projucer with codeblocks as native IDE the two buttons at the bottom in config tab are grayed out and disabled. here is the screenshot

so i had to manually open the project file in my codeblocks. now when im running in codeblocks i get this error:

GUID juce::uuidFromString(const char)*
sscanf wasnt declared in this scope.

here is the screenshot

thanks, any help will be greatly appreciated.


im using codeblocks with gcc 4.9.2

We don’t support launching the Code::Blocks editor. The Code::Blocks exporter is somewhat community driven and we rely upon the forum to report errors rather than testing it a thoroughly as our other exporters.

A missing sscanf probably means that the C library included with your compiler is very old…

i fixed the error by including stdio.h on that file.

I can’t really see how it’d fail to have already included stdio.h… What’s the actual cpp file that it was building when it failed?

sorry i forgot the file name. since its been few days since i had that and i move to visual studio now becaues i got so much error after i fixed it, that is where i create this thread Juce for mingw codeblocks