Ever seen anything like this before?

our project runs fine on every computer in the office. apart from mine! the main programmers!

on other machines the GUI shows up instantly on startup. whereas my processor chugs at 98% (IE grinds to a halt) for a minute or two.

done virus checks and such like.

just wondering if anyones seen anything similar!

Never seen anything like that - but if it’s your machine can’t you debug it and see what’s going on? (Or is it one of those only-in-release-build problems?)

Please follow those commands :

1) Put the OS CDROM in the CDROM player
2) Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys at the same time
3) Choose to restart the computer
4) When the CDROM starts up, press a key
5) Select "Format my principal partition"
6) Follow the instructions on the screen
7) Reinstall your application, tada! It works!

Just joking :wink:

it appears a debug issue.

it’s doing exactly the same as it’s doing on the other machines. it just takes 1 minute 25 seconds, while they take 7 seconds.

build system is the same on all machines (exactly the same: VS8 and a self contained version controlled source tree with juce and other libs contained therein). which is irrelevent actually as exe’s built on my machine run fine on the others.

release builds SEEM ok but I’ll need to benchmark properly.

got to wipe and resetup my machine tommorow if i can’t solve this.

Your app or the debugger on your machine wouldn’t happen to be doing a DNS or Network lookup on startup, would it? That can fuck up startup times something awful.

No don’t think so.

Anyway. Problem solved by reinstalling windows.