Example project from my talk "Mobile Application Development with JUCE and Native API’s"


Hi all 

Someone requested a link to the example project from my talk at the JUCE Summit. So here it is:


Also contains a PDF with the slides from the talk. 

Any contributions to improve the example project welcome!



Thanks for sharing this!


Has anything changed since 2015 that might lessen the need to mix in Native APIs for mobile development?


Yes, I think this is still a valid approach for a native look&feel of your app. Also take a look at djinni by dropbox, which will make communication between C++ and Swift / Jave much easier:

It includes bridges for std::string, std::vector and others and will enable you to have 2-way communication including JUCE style listeners.

Only downside is you have to define the interface in their own format which gets transferred into glue code for C++, pure Objective-C and Java

Sharing code with native apps best practices