Experimental Windows high DPI support on develop branch


We’ve just released experimental support for building DPI aware applications on Windows 8.1+ to the develop branch. This means that JUCE projects built with these changes will be per-monitor DPI aware and will dynamically scale with the DPI of the monitor that they are on, replacing the previous behaviour which was to always use the DPI of the main monitor and to defer to Windows to bitmap stretch the UI on other monitors (often resulting in blurry text, graphics etc.).

Alongside this, the VST and VST3 client and hosting code has been updated to support the Windows scaling APIs making it possible to build and host DPI aware VST and VST3 plug-ins on Windows (the AudioPluginHost example has been updated to showcase these changes).

Please give these changes a go and report back with any issues!

Plugin UI for HiDPI Windows for Live
Scale/size issue with plugin window (very very small) from Plugin Host example

This sounds super important! About time we upgraded JUCE in a few projects too :slight_smile:


Eek! Just raised an issue with Projucer (build for Win32/Win7/Develop) - fails (Screenshot of Debug issue) attached