Exposing numSamplesFinished in AudioThumbnail

Hi Jules, would it be possible to expose numSamplesFinished with an appropriate getter in AudioThumbnail? I’m making a class that displays zoomed in sections of a waveform using Images and I only want to refresh the Image if the section of the waveform I’m interested has been loaded.

I know this is possible with isFullyLoaded() but it seems very wasteful to keep refreshing the Image until the whole wave is generated.

Happy new year all!

Happy new year! No problem, that’s a good request.

Hi Jules, thanks for the update, I think the implementation in juce_AudioThumbnail.cpp is missing as this wasn’t updated with the latest check-in. Cheers.

Damn! Sorry, that must have slipped through the net. Will sort it out in my next check-in…