External drag and drop from plugin to N-Tracks Studio

I am working on a plugin that requires the ability to drag and drop wav/midi files to the host timeline from the plugin. My implementation has been working for a year with no issues in every DAW I’ve tested, however I have recently had a few complaints from users who work in N-Tracks Studio and they have reported that the plugin gets stuck when trying to drag files to the host. I tested this myself and experience the same issues. When I drag the file from the plugin to the timeline, the cursor starts glitching and although I release the mouse button to “drop” the file, the cursor behaves as though the drag operation has not completed. Essentially, it appears that once you begin a drag operation, it does not end, despite having removed my finger from the mouse. I believe this is a bug in JUCE because I have been able to confirm this with the same code implemented in a demo project. I’m wondering if anyone has some advice on this or if there is anything I can do to “force” the drag operation to end? Thanks in advance!

Bump! Can anyone weigh in on this?? @ed95

Which platform is this on? Can you post an example which reproduces the issue? I’ve just tried this on macOS with the latest demo of n-Track Studio and calling DragAndDropContainer::performExternalDragDropOfFiles() from inside the mouseDrag() method of my AudioProcessorEditor to drag a .wav onto the timeline is working as expected.

I can reproduce this on Windows. We’ll look into it.

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Do you know of any non-JUCE plug-ins which function correctly in n-Track Studio when dragging files? It looks to me like this is a bug in the DAW where they are intercepting the Windows mouse events as the drag operation itself is very glitchy and doesn’t release because the OS is telling us that the left mouse button is always down (even when released). I can’t reproduce this in any other DAWs which indicates that we’re doing the correct thing in JUCE.

I just tried with Addictive Drums 2 and dragging files worked correctly. Apart from that, you can drag files from the file explorer to a track in N-Track Studio and it also works as expected. I agree that it could possibly be an issue with N-Track Studio because I’ve tested my plugin in a dozen DAWs and have never seen this behavior before…