External Drag & Drop does not work on Linux


I’ve created simple program to reproduce here: https://github.com/FigBug/juce_bugs/tree/master/ExternalDrag


Simple app, lists files in your documents directory on left, you can drag to right and it gives path or drag to external app. Works on Windows / Mac, not on Ubuntu 16.04


Is this not working for anybody else?


I get the Documents folder listed on the left half, and I can also drag & drop files from the Desktop / file manager to the right half with their paths being shown. So it looks good here on Arch Linux with XFCE.


Just wondering if anybody can get this to work on Ubuntu Linux?


It’s working on Ubuntu (16.04) but not as expected. When dragging you have to leave the app window and then enter it again to get it working.


I’m still struggling with this. Is there a way to do an internal drag and drop and if it goes to an external window then it turns to a external file drag and drop?