FABIAN: More VST3 plugins with unresponsive controls in JUCE


Earlier this month you were able to repair the development branch of JUCE to fix a problem with VST3 plugins with unresponsive controls and presets.

It’s been working great, but today I discovered that none of the latest Arturia VST3 plugins are working right. In every case, the controls do not alter the sound, nor do the presets.

As an example, you can install the trial version of Arturia’s Jupiter 8 plugin here:


You’ll see identical behavior if you try any of the other Arturia plug-ins. Interestingly, the previous version that I tested worked in JUCE! For example, their “Oberheim SEM V” plug-in works great with the changes you implemented, but their newer “SEM V2” plugin exhibits this same non-responsive problem, just like all their other plugins.

I hope you can figure out what they changed that has stopped JUCE from working!


This should be fixed on the latest develop tip.