Facing a problem while drawing a transformed image


Hi all,

I am facing a problem while drawing a transformed image on a component.I am working with juce version 1.45. I am using drawImageTransformed() method to draw the image. It is drawing the image for the given AffineTransform, but a black patch is comming around the Image(Screen shot is attached).This happens only with JPEG images. If I load PNG images, its working fine. The problem happens only when I apply a rotation.Am I doing something wrong?

I am loading the image in the constructor…

My painting code is as follows:

void paint (Graphics& g)
g.fillAll (Colours::white);

juce::AffineTransform transForm = juce::AffineTransform::identity;
transForm = transForm.rotated(-0.25)
	                          .translated(100, 200);


g.drawImageTransformed(myImage, 0, 0, myImage->getWidth(), 		                                      myImage->getHeight(), transForm, false);


Thanks in Advance,


wow - I can’t remember the last time anyone found a bug in the image rendering code, but that’s a cracking one!

I’ve checked in a fix now that should sort it out - thanks for letting me know!


Hi Jules,

Thanks a lot …This fixed my problem…
Hats Off…