Factory preset bank (multi platform)

Does Juce provide some tools for preset bank creation and maintanance?
I did not find any exampes in the demos and tutorials.
Of course it would be great to be able to extract preset banks for different target platforms from a single base (vst, vst3, au, aax).

From what I could gather vst2 factory banks are embedded within the plugin while au and vst3 banks are always separate files (haven’t looked into aax by now.)
I know how to code a vst2 factory bank using the bare vst2sdk. How would I do it in JUCE?


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I used the XML save/load part of this tutorial and combined it with a list of hard-coded XML strings in a source file to do mine.

Thanks for answering. I am afraid though, I don’t quite get how this addresses my problem. Can you give some more details?
Please note: I am not so much interested in preset handling solutions. What I need to learn is how to create and maintain BANKS of presets.