Fallback font not working

I am trying to display some mixed English and Chinese text. The string is in UTF8 and I set the fallbackfont to a chinese font. However, the chinese part still cannot be displayed (empty). Then I dig into CustomTypeface::GlyphInfo* CustomTypeface::findGlyphSubstituting (const juce_wchar character) throw()

And I found:

        if (glyph == 0)
            const Font fallbackFont (Font::getFallbackFontName(), 10, 0);
            Typeface* const fallbackTypeface = fallbackFont.getTypeface();
            if (fallbackTypeface != 0 && fallbackTypeface != this)

            if (glyph == 0)
                glyph = findGlyph (defaultCharacter, true);

I think the //xxx part should be filled with something to return the glyph in fallback font.

…yes… I hit some very tricky problems with implementing the fallback font now that it uses native methods to render the glyphs. I’ll go back and figure something out eventually…

Is this fixed?

No, sorry - haven’t looked at it yet.

Bump !

Unless I’m mistaken this do not work in Juce tip.
At least on OSX.


No, it’s quite a tricky thing to do, I’ve not looked at it yet…

I didn’t find this function in 1.53 anymore. So I assume we have a new way for fallback font?