Fatal error: JuceHeader.h: No such file or directory

fatal error: JuceHeader.h: No such file or directory

New to this, just using a barebones JUCE project trying to run a VST.

Using VSCode
JUCE 7.0.7
Put <JuceHeader.h> on files,

Put this in CMakeLists.txt:
target_include_directories(NewProject3 PRIVATE

This shouldn’t be necessary.

Are you using juce_generate_juce_header?

No. Am I supposed to include that?

If you want a generated JuceHeader.h, then yes.

I recommend checking out the CMake API docs in the docs folder of the repository, or the CMake example projects in examples/CMake, for more information.

I already have JuceHeader.h, its just not reading it. I included the path in configurations

The JuceHeader.h is generated by the build system (Projucer or CMake). If you’re using VS Code, then presumably you’re using CMake too, in which case you’ll need to use juce_generate_juce_header in order to correctly generate this header for your project.

Problem fixed thank you, however I ran into a new problem. Going to make a new post.