Feature request: ComboBox access to PopupMenu::Options

I want to customise the popup menu of a ComboBox. In the showPopup() method, the options for the popup are hardcoded, so I’ve had to create a custom class inheriting from ComboBox, overriding the showPopup() and custom comboBoxPopupMenuFinishedCallback().

I’m specifically after altering the max and min number of columns directly, so need to override the options. As some of the variables needed are private members, it requires a little more than a copy paste. It’s not too much of a pain, but when there’s quite a few different Combos, it can get quite cumbersome and quite possibly conflict with future JUCE updates.

It would be great if the PopupMenu::Options were stored as a member of the ComboBox class, and we could access it with something like getRootMenuOptions().

You might not feel the need to bloat the codebase - just throwing it out there.


OK. I’ve added a new method to the LookAndFeel class which allows you to override the options of the popup menu of a ComboBox:

It’s on develop with commit 64be913.