Feature Request: URL::downloadToFile with "bool usePost"

Please add the option to use the set POST data for URL::downloadToFile.

Another solution would be to check for postData in the “createFallbackDownloader” function. Right now it always passes “false”, but it could simply check if the URL has any post-data set. If the post-data is set, it can simply pass “true”.

This feature request is paramount to customer security as any and all personal information should be transmitted using HTTPS as POST-data. Sending it via the GET method is easily intercepted since the personal information is easily readable in the URL itself.


Yup, makes sense. It’s on develop with commit c779982. Thank you!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The doxygen comment makes a point of stating it can only be used for GET requests. Did you forget to change it, or does that have to wait until it becomes an official release?

Not sure if the doxygen process is automatic and you want to avoid having documentation online that doesn’t match the current official behavior or if simply forgotten.

Yup, thank you! Documentation fix will appear on develop in a few minutes.