FFmpeg AudioSource and video in JUCE - OpenSource

Hi everybody,

because I wanted to use the audio of video files inside our JUCE processing chain, I wrote a ffmpeg module on github which links ffmpeg for reading (and in future possibly writing). There exists a FFmpegReader class that will read a video file and inherits the AudioSource. The getNextAudioBlock is used to synchronise the video frames, that can be displayed on a normal component (it’s an abstract interface, in case you have different plans with the video).
It reads MP4 files quite stable, but has issues with other ones, I don’t know why yet…
Writing is also work in progress…
Here are the doxygen API-docs

I would be very interested in feedback or even contributions, as the ammount of video formats and number of things that can go wrong are endless…



Cool. Does it work on Windows?

Yes, I test it from time to time, although, I think I have to commit some compiler issues… I forgot… coming soon :wink:

Ok, just fixed the windows build now. Was missing an include and some incorrect stuff, the XCode just accepts (it shouldn’t support lazy people like me :wink: )

Just to bump this thread

This is still in progress, but basic functionality is present.
Writing works now as well, but the generated video files will play in VLC but not in MacOSX preview.

Here is the link again: filmstro_ffmpeg on github

I would be very interested in feedback, suggestions or even contributions.