File and Web access for JUCE app/plugin


Due to insufficent experience and time available on my behalf, I would like someone (YOU!) to provide this for us. :slight_smile:

So the requirement is at least seemingly simple: We like to be able, inside our plugins/apps made with JUCE, to ask for file write permissions to places that are restricted by OS, for example, mac OS /Library folder on the root, and similar for Windows. Linux would be great too, if it’s possible, but not the highest priority.

Also we’d like to be able for our plugins/apps to ask the access to the internet. Right now some DAW’s have this enabled already but some do not.

We’d like to have the source-code for such features for our free usage and a single example use case code to show they’re used.

This is probably not only JUCE-specific, but if you’re up to it, or if you happen to have such code lying around waiting for good uses, please PM me! :slight_smile:

And let me know how much would it cost for this one-off job.


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