File::moveToTrash does not work on OS X

The file is deleted but not moved to the trash.

Works fine for me (built with OS X 10.6.8)…

Maybe it's the OS version.  I'm runing 10.10.1


A valiant effort, but no; I don't have JUCE_IOS defined for the OSX build (if I did, I don't believe it would successfully compile and run on OSX because of the differenet APIs)


Yeah, I see something like this too.

I use to be able to move plugins to trash while running.

Now I can't (OSX 10.10).

I can moveFileTo() other locations though.


Also - the moveToTrash is returning true, so it THINKS it is working. Very strange.


I just changed that function this week, since Apple deprecated the old function I was using to move to trash. So try the new version if you've not already..