File Preview Compoent

I wants to show preview for PDF files, Text file. How can I do this using JUCE component.


Very tricky - a PDF reader would be a serious piece of software. Even embedding a web-browser component won’t work, because AFAIK only Chrome provides a built-in PDF reader. You might be able to find an open-source PDF reader and embed it somehow.

Thank you sir! for your reply.

I have gone through the juce documentation there is an option for showing the image preview component. The same I want for other types of file too. Just like in window explorer right pane show the preview.

Might worth a look:

It seems that PDF are just compressed postscript files, and it could be converted to drawables quite easily. No one did this throught (I’ve tried to do the opposite, that is, write a PostScript renderer for printing a document).

Hi guys,
I need to embed in a ViewPort component a PDF preview, if possibile also with zoom-in/out controls.

Anyone has done this yet? I’m searching for open source PDf library, I found mu-pdf.

Any sugestion?