File Tree Component as Drag and Drop Source


I use a FileTreeComponent as a Drag and Drop Source.

I set up the DragAndDropDescription : fileTree->setDragAndDropDescription(“DnDFile”)

So my DragAndDropTarget gets always the same Description “DnDFile” and the Component* ItemComponent.

Whats the best way to get the filename behind the ItemComponent?

There should be a File FileTreeComponent::getItemFile(Component* ItemComponent) or the name of the File should be in the DragAndDropDescription

any idea?


From the component, you can find the treeview, and then you can ask the treeview for all its selected items, as those are what is being dragged.


thanks, i found another point:
When selecting muliple Files, and you drag the files, only the one (which where the mouse is) will be painted as drag-image.