FileBrowserComponent::fileClicked intentionally left blank?

I’ve registered some listeners to it, and i don’t get told if a file is clicked, so i cannot know if i have to bring a popup on it or not…

shouldn’t be like this ?

[code]void FileBrowserComponent::fileClicked (const File& file, const MouseEvent& e)
ComponentDeletionWatcher deletionWatcher (this);

for (int i = listeners.size(); --i >= 0;)
    ((FileBrowserListener*) listeners.getUnchecked (i))->fileClicked (file, e);

    if (deletionWatcher.hasBeenDeleted())

    i = jmin (i, listeners.size() - 1);


ah also, any possibility to control how internal components are styled ?
i mean, the scrollbar thickness, background colours, listbox row height, etc…
so i can make it more fittable into my application style ?

er, yes… that’s exactly what it should contain. Sorry, I must have just got distracted while I was working on that class!

It could certainly use a few lookandfeel settings, I’ll do that when I get chance.

cool thanx. anyway, the FileBrowserComponent is working pretty well.
very impressive jules :slight_smile:

Would be nice if the FileListComponent could support multiple selections, and make them drag and droppable if needed (but only if asked to, so the normal FileChoosers will behave like the same).

I’m using the FileBrowserComponent inside an application, so it will be very fast to drag and drop files from here to the main application area…

I’ve want to work on these classes a bit more, but i’m not sure what are your plans, and i surely don’t want to make things you would like to do after (doing things twice)…

my plan:

  • make the main file browser, chooser, list, tree (and go on) be definable in styles and positions from the look and feel (or turn all the controls to be optional and positionable like the preview component).
  • implement multiple selection in file list
  • implement drag and drop source / target in file list (both switchable independently)

any words to say on this ?

Right now I’ve no specific plans for the filebrowser except to add options for all those kind of things - so if you want to play around, let me know how you get on!