FileBrowserComponent Focus issue?


I’ve adapted the file browser into a simpler form for my needs. This consists primarily of leaving stuff out (such as the ability to change folders). I’ve done this by modifying a version of the Juce code. But I’ve run into something peculiar that I don’t understand.

The element “filenameBox” is a TextEditor used to enter a new file name. I’ve tried different settings to gain keyboard focus, but it appears that I only have secondary focus (if that’s a real term). Any keystrokes that are assigned to the hosting application (Logic8 in this case) are still passed to Logic. Unassigned keys make it all the way to my text editor. I don’t have this problem with editing text in Sliders.

Is this problem related to the TextEditor class, or is it perhaps related to running in a modal window? Any suggestions? Many thanks.