Filechooser not modal

Hi to all,
unlike the jucedemo app, using a FileChooser inside a VST plugin I realized that it isn’t modal.

Any suggestion?

juce regards

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It is modal normally, but I guess in a host things might not be so straightforward. I guess it’s modal as far at the plugin’s UI is concerned, but not the host?

It’s true, it is modal inside plugin contest, nut if the user clicks away from the plugin UI the dialog disappears and it is difficult to find anymore.

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Can’t think of any kind of workaround for that - probably different hosts will behave differently, too.

Great work Jules with PPMulator, I’ve tried it on VST win and RTAS Mac and it works so fine in both systems.

The rescaling is very cool!

Could I ask you how to get my dialogs show modal, and the FileChooser too?
I’m using JAP 1.13.

Many thanx


Like I said, I can’t think of any easy way of creating modal windows. It’s easy to make them modal with respect to just the plugin using a DialogWindow but making it modal with regard to the host is tricky.

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