FileChooser, remember last selected directory

Is there a way to make a FileChooser remember last selected directory? Even better, implicitely store the path in a singleton (so that it syncs accross say, plug-in instances)?

The main problem is, FileChooser doesn't seem offer a way to update initialFile at runtime (it is a constructor argument, no setters). I understand that I could re-instantiate the FileChooser after every selection, but this complicates the whole process (non RAII).

Any ideas? I'm wondering how this is meant to be done in JUCE.

The FileChooser object is not designed to be re-used. You create one, use it, delete it.. I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but it doesn't sound like you're using it in the way it's intended.

I re-use the fileChooser, indeed. I'll rework that part, thanks for the pointer.

I've done this recently and just saved the most recent folder path as an app setting.


Works great.