FileTreeComponent improving setSelectedFile please?

Ok, I´m using the component to display modules and presets. So far so good. The problem is the setSelectedFile , which doesn´t always work, and I´m wondering if it will work to display a preset/module name under several sub-directories, and if it won´t slow things down too much.

So far, I tested with:

void WusikTreeView::showPresetsFolder() { while (directoryList->isStillLoading()) { ; } directoryList->setDirectory(File(audioProcessor->dataFiles->dataFilesString + PRESET_FOLDER), true, true); treeView->refresh(); treeView->getRootItem()->setOpen(true); while (directoryList->isStillLoading()) { ; } treeView->setSelectedFile(File(presetFile)); }

If I call twice showPresetsFolder() it selects the correct file. But, if its in a subfolder, it will open the tree subfolder but won´t select it.

So, I´m wondering on making things differently. So far I added:

[code] String presetFile = String(audioProcessor->dataFiles->dataFilesString + PRESET_FOLDER + slash + audioProcessor->currentPresetName + PRESET_FILEEXT).toLowerCase();

for (int f = 0; f < treeView->getNumRowsInTree(); f++)
	if (treeView->getItemOnRow(f)->getUniqueName().toLowerCase() == presetFile)
		treeView->getItemOnRow(f)->setSelected(true, true);

The problem is that the setSelected is not working. And this code only works for the main folder, not sub-folders, but I can improve the code to work with that. (I hope)

Any ideas on this?


Best Regards, WilliamK

I would be really interested to know if you find a way or nice workaround for that ?