FileTreeComponent with draggable items

Hello Jules,

about FileTreeComponent :

I’d like to create my own customized FileListTreeItems, in order to make them draggable (by implementing getDragSourceDescription) or to change their height.
…but the FileListTreeItems class is in the .cpp so I cannot inheritate from it.
Could that class be in .h ? :roll:

I just saw a little omission in juce_FileTreeComponent.cpp (l.95)

    int getItemHeight()               { return 22; }

this method should be const to reimplement the virtual one of TreeViewItem

    int getItemHeight() const             { return 22; }

Thanks for spotting that mistake - I’ve fixed it now.

The FileTreeComp isn’t really designed to be customised, assuming that if someone needed a custom version, they’d write their own anyway. I guess the item class could be tidied up and made public though.