(filled) Need OpenGL programmer for transferring pixels functions to GPU

Hello, I am working on a VST plugin seen here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCd3TkNl2tYib8NPxvO-G626-CJftOWTq

It is too CPU-hungry. Yet, here are some programs that run fast on my computer, they use OpenGL and the code is completely open source and free to use:


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Have you tested to turn on the OpenGl renderer in Juce? I.e. all window operations are going through OpenGL? It’s quite easy to do and can give you a good performance increase (depending on what screen you are running on). To activate it simply add the following line to your app:


Here *this refers to your Main App Window.

hi alatar! i’m the programmer who created these pixel rendering functions. it’s good to know that one can easily switch juce into using opengl-based gpu acceleration of the drawing functions. thank you for that. however, since we need a lot of custom drawing (for example, our lines don’t have a solid color but instead a brightness-“profile”, that defines how the brightness varies as function of distance from the ideal geometric line), we can’t just use juce’s drawLine, etc. functions. we do all the low-level pixel coloring ourselves. we also use a weird blend function that doesn’t just add the new value to the pixel-value already there, but one that leads to a kind of soft-saturating behavior.

yes, so i guess, we’ll have to go full OpenGL

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Yep, probably pixel shaders is the way to go. However even just immediate mode OpenGL can get you far with fast aa line rendering, blending funcs and automatic colour interpolation…

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Still looking for OpenGL assistance or consultancy… although we were able to get a prototype woscope working with JUCE code. The next step is adding features.

Alright, I found someone!

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