findChildFiles no result for recursive and wildcard

I downloaded the tip yesterday to upgrade my project.
The findChildFiles doesn’t give me the same result as before.

Here’s the code to look for all “dro” files recursively:

File repertoire( libraryPath );
Array< File > results;
int numInstruments;

numInstruments = repertoire.findChildFiles( results, File::findFiles, true, JUCE_T("*.dro") );

A a result, I get nothing. When I remove the filter, I get a result. I looked at the juce code, I have the impression the filter was also applied to the subdirectory search but honestly I didn’t really understand the code.

I changed my code to use DirectoryIterator and it works now.


I just wanted to know what was wrong in my code.

Hmm, yes, it’s only recursing into subdirectories that match the wildcard… I’ll get that sorted out right away…