[fixed] Did plugins get a lot bigger with JUCE 4.2?

Before I upgraded to JUCE 4.2 my plugins were around 4.2 MB - 4.7 MB depending on complexity.

After I upgraded to JUCE 4.2 they became a lot larger. Now they are around 17.5 - 17.8 MB.

The plugin binary is only a few KB, there is now a Framework in the plugin that is the majority of the size. Anything that can be done to put this Framework on a diet?

See Polymorphic plugin build gone in Juce 4.2


Yeah, I saw this too … I was wondering if it was just me.


yes I can confirm that binary sizes are higher than before in Release (not in Debug though). We must have overlooked this side effect of the new framework build method.

It appears that the new build method has several consequences that seem problematic (see also the other post that Rail linked above). We are going to discuss this internally and see if we can come up with a better solution for plug-in builds. Please bear with us, it’s not an easy task!

Awesome! Glad it’s getting some attention - the bloat is pretty significant, but I’m sure it will be better once the dust settles :slight_smile:

Expose your roadmap well in advance here in the forum and you’ll see that someone will think of side effects that you haven’t thought of. Everyone will be more than happy to run a “thought experiment” to check if your proposed changes impact in some way their (very dear!) use case.

Yes that’s a great approach and we hope we will do much more of that in the future!

We just pushed a fix to the newest tip that not only gets rid of the Framework thing (and the associated problems) and makes the binaries small again, but actually makes them smaller than they were before in JUCE 4.1.

Check out this post for more details. Hope this works for you!