[fixed] Juce Demo errors in Android Studio (latest versions of Juce and AS)

I have latest versions of Juce (from github) and AS, and if I try to compile the Juce Demo I get a bunch of errors stating that “assert” is an undefined symbol… wtf ??? Can anyone confirm that creating and compiling a project with latest tip of Projucer/modules does not work with Android Studio ? Please ? So at least I know it comes from me and I dont waste Timur’s time ?
Thanx !

Is that in your code? AFAIK we don’t call ‘assert’ anywhere in juce, we use our own jassert instead…

Yes, I can confirm that it’s a known problem, seems that the latest update has broken something!

I’ll look into it as soon as possible.

This should all now be fixed on the newest tip on github. Please re-build the Projucer, re-save your Android Studio project with it, and try again!

The only catch is that the clang toolchain for Android seems to be broken on OS X, you have to use gcc for now (I made it the new default setting). See this post.

Great ! Works again ! :grinning:
However it seems the web browser and the http don’t work anymore. I’ll open a new thread for that.