[fixed] Plugins with a space in the name no longer build

I just upgraded to the latest Projucer and re-saved all my plugin projects. Now none of my plugins that have a space in the filename will build. OS X, Xcode 7.3

clang: error: no such file or directory:

Adding to this report. I accidentally started another thread. Should have looked harder…
JUCE 4.2, latest tip:
We’re building a plug-in with spaces in its name. When compiling “Unfiltered Audio Dent” on the newest tip, we get a linking error due to missing escape characters.

-lAAXLibrary -lUnfiltered Audio Dent
Should be:
-lAAXLibrary -lUnfiltered\ Audio\ Dent

Thanks guys, we’re on the case…

This is fixed on the latest tip.