Fixed proportions for FlexItem?

I’m getting the hang of FlexItem, which along with the FlexBox class is insanely handy for laying out components.

One thing I’m trying to achieve is enforcing a FlexItem's width inside the FlexBox to be equal to its height (which is determined by the enclosing FlexBox). It seems like everything I’ve found online about doing this involves using percentage values for the width, which it doesn’t seem like the JUCE FlexItem can do.

Side note, the documentation on FlexBox and FlexItem REALLY lacks compared to the rest of JUCE. I’d like at least some very basic descriptions of how things will behave, or at least which CSS flex properties they’re all directly analogous to (as some of them don’t seem clear to me). I get the “there’s flex documentation for browsers all over the web” note and that effort could be put into actual code/features instead, but it seems really out of place considering the great documentation everywhere else.


Hot damn this is a weird one, and I’m running into the same issue. Did you ever figure out a way to go about this?

+1 !